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Properties and applications of aluminum 5 series

December 03, 2019

5052 is a kind of anti-rust aluminium with good forming and processing performance and corrosion resistance. It is widely used in rod box, fuel tank material, liquid crystal backboard, tank material, door plate material, high-voltage switch shell and other fields.


5052 alloy aluminium sheet is widely used in the manufacture of fuel tanks, oil pipes, transportation vehicles, ships, sheet metal parts, meters, street lamp brackets and rivets, hardware products, electrical shell, dies and so on. It can also be used for low-load parts that require high plasticity and good weldability and work in liquid or gas media, such as oil tanks, gasoline or lubricant conduits, various liquid containers and other low-load parts made by deep drawing: wires are used as rivets.

5052 aluminum plate

5083 aluminium sheet is widely used. It is often used for low-load parts working in liquid or gas media when high corrosion resistance, good weldability, medium strength, high plasticity and good weldability are required, such as ships, tank car bodies, curtain walls, metro, oil tanks, gas tanks, moulds, LNG tanks, large ones. Bus Skin, C82 Coal Car, Roof/Bottom Guard, Flange Material, GIS Shell, etc.

5083 aluminum plate

 5005 alloy aluminium sheet has medium strength, good corrosion resistance, weldability and good workability.


It is often used as high-end wide curtain wall panels, conductors, cookers, dashboards, shells and building decorations, building materials, interior and exterior materials, vehicle interior materials, etc.