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Aluminum corrugated plate

July 08, 2020


The characteristics of aluminum tiles:


Aluminum corrugated board is also known as antique tile aluminum plate, pressure aluminum plate, aluminum tile, etc., is processed and formed aluminum plate, can be used for civil buildings, walls, top surface, warehouse, etc., it is convenient construction, fire, rain, long life, maintenance free has been widely promoted now.

Aluminum tile


Aluminum shingle alloy models, etc


Specification range of corrugated aluminum plate :(0.5~5.0) * (2000~6000)
Corrugated aluminum alloy grades: 3003, 3004, 3105, etc
Types of corrugated aluminum: Types 750, 840, 850, 900.


Aluminum tile


Advantages of aluminum tiles


Aluminum is light in weight and has only one-third of the density of steel. The price of aluminum and steel for the same thickness is almost the same.

Aluminum tile is easier to process and shape, convenient and fast construction, greatly reducing the construction intensity.