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The effect of new coronavirus on aluminum

March 19, 2020

With the new coronavirus stock market closed several times in a row, Norsk Hydro, the world's largest producer, said most companies faced greater operational risks due to the outbreak.


  The outbreak of new crown pneumonia has affected the normal operation of aluminum processing industry, but the impact is mainly short-term.In the medium to long term, the outbreak will not change the basic trend of steady and long-term improvement of the Chinese economy.


Aluminum supplier


Because of the virus, I sincerely suggest to my friends:As a freind,i would like to shear with you the present situation with SMM price,these days the SMM dropped due to many reasons,such as the Corona virus,demands not strong in the market,but by the end of this month,the SMM price will raise again cause the virus situation will slow down and market demands will increase.


The suggestion is,this period of time is the best time to confirm the purchase at the lowest point before it raise,and once we receive your purchase order,this will also allow us to fix the ingot price with supplier at a low point,as you know,we had quoted you the best FAB cost in the market,the main facts that influence the total cost will be the SMM price,at the same time, it also takes time to produce the materials you need,but if the price increase next month,we can not get a good price from supplier with the raw aluminium sheets materials,and we have to update you again regarding the new SMM price.