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Color aluminum

November 22, 2019

Color aluminum is actually a kind of aluminum, is in the surface of aluminum alloy color processing;Because the performance of aluminum is particularly stable, not easy to be corroded, so color aluminum in the surface after special treatment, can maintain at least 30 years not fade, the hardness of aluminum alloy is relatively high, the density is small, so color aluminum is the lightest metal material.

Color aluminum

Color aluminum can be used as aluminum alloy doors and Windows, hotel and the external wall of the family.It can also be processed into corrugated or polyurethane sandwich board for the construction of steel structure workshop, airport, warehouse, freezer and other industrial and commercial buildings wall, roof, door.

Colored aluminum


Our factory selects the high-quality chemical raw materials and technology of German henkel company to form the surface into treatment, forming a honeycomb oxide film with dense structure on the surface of aluminum coil, which makes the paint and aluminum coil closely combine together through this intermediary, with good adhesion.Precision coating line will be converted after the aluminum coil according to the customer needs to paint a variety of paint.The company adopts the international advanced precision three-mixing reverse mixing machine for coating, which can be used for precision coating in a closed and dust-free state, so that the thickness of coating and the appearance quality of coating can be well controlled.The oven is divided into three areas to control the temperature and bake, so that the coating's solvent resistance, hardness and flexibility are better.Good gloss, adhesion and corrosion resistance.