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January 02, 2020

Our Company use German High-Quality chemical raw materials and technology of chemical treatment on the surface, The honeycomb aluminum oxide film formed on the surface of the compact structure of the volume, The paint and aluminum adhered tightly through this mediation.


Our company adopt the international advanced level of precision three mixture reverse mixing machine, and performs precise coating in enclosed and dust-free condition to make the coating thickness and appearance quality of the coating are well controlled.


The oven is divided into three regions by temperature control and baking to make sure the solvent resistance, hardness and flexibility of the coating all reach the best. Our products have the best glossiness, adhesion and corrosion resistance.


Color aluminum production drawing



PVDF Coated: 


PVDF coating mainly refers to a vinylidene fluoride homopolymer or a copolymer of vinylidene fluoride and other small amount of fluorine-containing vinyl monomer. The chemical structure is stable and firm, and the physical properties of the fluorocarbon coating make the PVDF coated aluminum coil better wear resistance, impact resistance, fading resistance, and UV resistance.


PE Coated: 


The PE coating is formed by repeatedly baking the surface of the aluminum plate to form a solid continuous film which is firmly adhered. It is an anti-UV ultraviolet coating and has decorative properties.

Color aluminum samples


Classification of coated aluminum coil/sheet:  


As per types of surface coating of paint, color coated aluminum coils can be divided into polyester (PE) coated aluminum coil, fluorocarbon (PVDF) coating aluminum coil and Epoxy coated aluminum coil.


According to the thickness of the coating, it can be divided into single-coated aluminum coil (4-20 microns); double-coated aluminum coil (25 to 28 micron) and triply-coated aluminum coil (35-38 micron).





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