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The color aluminum used in the refrigerator and the price

March 12, 2020

The application of color aluminum plate has a lot of, today to refrigerator with color aluminum knowledge.


The refrigerator with aluminum

Refrigerator with color aluminum will have a lot of different specifications and different processes:
1. ordinary aluminum plate is generally used 1 series 3 series or 5 series.

2. Color aluminum for refrigerator, black or white double-sided coating is needed to cover the protective film, 5052 aluminum is generally H32, the processing fee is generally higher than the ordinary aluminum plate.

3.There is also a type of alumina used in refrigerators.
Alumina is a kind of high hardness compound. Its melting point is 2054 ℃, boiling point is 2980 ℃, and it can be ionized at high temperature. It is often used to make refractories.Finish with a coat of varnish.


The refrigerator with aluminum

4.The last one is basically the same as the first one but may have different specifications, which is the ordinary smooth aluminum plate.