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Aluminum ingot price drop on the impact of aluminum products

March 18, 2020

The composition of the price of aluminum products:


SMM/LME+process cost +delivery expense


As the prices of SMM and LME continue to fall, the prices of aluminum products are also falling.


Now in China, most of the suppliers have cut the price across the board. You can ask your suppliers for detailed information.


Aluminum ingots price


Please check the quotation of the following aluminum products:

SMM12530¥/1787$+Processing fees for different products+Price at Qingdao port


Because of the epidemic situation in the world, the price of aluminum ingots and aluminum products has been greatly reduced, which has been the best price. For each purchase, you can purchase a large number of goods with your suppliers for the whole year. As China is a big manufacturer, the competition is particularly fierce, so the price will be more appropriate and the service is impeccable.