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Aluminum Antique Tile

May 01, 2023

Worthwill Aluminum is one of the earliest manufacturers/suppliers of aluminum tile products in China. On the basis of strict management of the quality of corrugated aluminum roofing tile, it has continuously introduced new technologies. It has focused on the research and development of metal tiles for 10 years and has obtained a number of aluminum alloy roofing patent achievements, and strive to apply environmentally friendly aluminum tile materials to more applicable engineering buildings.

The driving force for the growth of the aluminum tile market will continue to increase. In addition to the great advantages of the environmental protection characteristics of the product itself, it also relies on the continuous advancement of architectural cultural aesthetics.

Worthwill business of metal roof tiles includes: antique tiles, central European tiles, western tiles, aluminum thatch, metal ancient building tiles, antique components etc, which are suitable for all kinds of buildings, and provide customers with professional technical service support and suggestions to achieve long-term win-win cooperation and development.



Ancient temples, Ancient cities, Parks, History museums, Landscape gardens, Libraries, Scenic spot, Gazebos, Villas, Monuments, Lounges.


Aluminum Antique Tile’s Advantages:

1.Excellent waterproof performance, light weight, high strength, anti-corrosive.

2.Classical appearance and excellent weather-resistant performance (fixed with fastening screw to ensure the impact of hot expansion).

3.A large variety of specifications and colors are available for choosing.