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Aluminium Honeycomb Core Plate

May 06, 2023

Also called Aluminum Honeycomb Composite Panels, aluminum honeycomb board.

Aluminum honeycomb panels are comprised of two layers of aluminum sheets on top and bottom sides with inner aluminum honeycomb structure in the middle. The honeycomb structure is known to be lightweight while enhance the rigidity of panels in a large scale.




1, Light Weight.

2, Sound & Heat Insulation.

3, 100% Fire Resistance, Moisture & Corrosion Resistance.

4, Super Flatness & Rigidity, easy Installation.

5, 100% Recyclable & Environmental Protection.

6, Long lasting color, no fading, no blistering.


-Building exterior,interior wall covering,ceilings,partitions

-Column covers and soffit and fascia panels, Signage and white boards

-Canopy fascias and soffits


-Furniture and Tables