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The roof of the antique building is made of aluminum tiles

May 26, 2020

Product Description:

Our company mainly produces and researches antique metal tiles, metal bucket arches, antique metal fences and other products. Using modern advanced design concepts and technologies, special alloy aluminum and copper are used as the main raw materials, and refined by sheet metal, stamping, molding, surface treatment and multi-layer fluorocarbon spraying.
The metal tile developed by the company has a new level of advanced, composite, environmentally friendly and high-tech international advanced level. On the basis of maintaining the style of ancient building components, all kinds of antique building components highlight the advantages of processing precision, speed and quality, and are the most ideal materials for ancient building maintenance and antique architectural decoration.

Aluminum tileAluminum tileAluminum tile



Antique metal tile is suitable for concrete structure, steel structure, wood structure, brick-wood mixed structure and other new construction slope roof and old building flat slope roof; suitable for slope 15-90 degrees, suitable temperature -50 °C-70 °C.

Aluminum antique metal tiles are roof renovation projects of villa, scenic region, hotel, street, museum, houseboat, park etc.