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Polykraft aluminum coil roll aluminium jacketing with kraft paper for refinery project

May 26, 2020

Product Description:
The polykraft coated embossed aluminum coil is a unique technology used by our factory. This unique research and development, production and sales of special products, not only to meet the needs of different countries, such as Australia, the United States, Canada and other orange peel embossed aluminum coils, but also further promote the technological progress of our factory.
The advantage of polykraft coated embossed aluminum coil  is that it has a very high degree of adhesion. It does not gel and does not fall off after 24 hours of immersion test. Weather resistance is very high, kraft paper is not affected by temperature changes. Commonly used materials are 1060,1050,3003 and so on, temper 14,24,16,18 and so on.


Henan Worthwill Industry Co.,Ltd


Polykraft embossed coated aluminum coil/sheet are mainly used in anti-corrosion and heat preservation engineering , and lighting, solar reflectors, building exterior, interior decoration, furniture, cabinets, refrigerator, freezer elevators, signs, nameplates, car interior decoration, interior decoration, household appliances, aerospace and military, for example, the current large airkraft production in China , mechanical parts processing, mold making, chemical / insulation pipe coating.