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Pipe Insulation Cladding Aluminum Jacketing Coil Roll

May 11, 2023

Aluminum coil cladding sheet can be factory applied with moisture barrier, the function is to prevent galvanic and chemical corrosion caused by contact of dissimilar metals in the presense of moisture, and by certain insulation materials when the sheets are installed over damp insulation materials. It is easy to heat laminate on aluminum, stainless steel and other metal surface. The barrier has high tearing strength, it is durable and has excellent weather-ability.

(available in Smooth, Stucco Embossed, Corrugated (cross-crimped) finishes, with or without moisture barrier)

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Aluminum Jacketing is recommended for HVAC, Insulated Piping, Tanks & vessels less than 8 feet in diameter. Deep corrugated sheets are recommended for diameters greater than 8 feet.

Chemical Plants & Refineries: Distillation columns, tank farms, fractionation units, cokers and ethylene production units.

Paper Mills: Chemical storage tanks, breechings and ducts.

Steel Mills: Pickle acid tanks, oxygen production units, fuel oil and tar storage tanks.