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Some applications of aluminum strip

April 10, 2020

Aluminum strip for channel letter takes up a large market share in application of aluminium strips.

As a matter of fact, it`s a led light of the shape of a given letter or Chinese character. The word “channel: vividly explains the function of aluminum strips here: channel for lamps. It makes lamps arranged and fixed along a particular shape and shine together as a letter or character. Usually the light is of bright colors like red, green, yellow and blue. Sometimes these colors are shown in turns. In the led industry aluminum strip is regarded as a superior material for channel letters.

aluminum strip


aluminum strip for channel letter

Aluminum strip for channel letter has advantages of light weight, good weather resistance, attractive outlook and strong dimensional sense. Metals used for channel letter materials include aluminium, steel and titanium. The density of pure aluminum is 2.7 gram per cubic centimeter, that of steel 7.86 and titanium 4.5. Although pure titanium is regarded as a small-density metal, it’s still much heavier than aluminium. Aluminum strips, especially 3003 and 5052, are known as corrosion-resistant strips. 3003 aluminum strip contains manganese, a metal with good anti-rust ability, and 5052 alu strip contains a slight content of magnesium that is featured by excellent ability against corrosion and even lighter weight than aluminum.

Colored aluminum strip


After special anodizing process aluminium tapes become stronger in corrosion resistance. As a metal aluminium shows good performance in severe weather conditions like wind, rain, frost, snow and strong sunshine. The strip channel lasts years without changes in color or shape. It displays resin letters in another way, presenting a charming outlook and strong dimensional sense. Aluminum strip for channel letter does not crack, deform or change color even after five or more years of application.