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Color coated aluminum sheet production process

December 25, 2019

1. Put the light aluminum coil into the uncoiler and let the flat coil pass through the storage tower. (Aluminum sheet is placed directly on the production line)
2. Five cleaning procedures: First, degrease with alkaline water twice, then with tap water, then neutralize the residual alkali with acid, and then thoroughly clean with pure water.
3. Dry in the oven.
4. Chrome. Adding chromium increases bond strength for subsequent coloring.

Painted aluminum sheet
5. Dry.
6. Apply transparent varnish or white-gray paint.
7, drying.
8. Use air cooling and water cooling system to cool down.
9. Dry again. (Cooling system)
10. Apply secondary color according to customer's requirements.

Aluminum production
12. Cooling down.
13. Laminate according to customer requirements.
14. Packaging.