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Understand the production cycle of aluminum sheet, aluminum coil and aluminum foil

December 27, 2019

Aluminum is an important basic material for global economic development. It is widely used in construction, transportation, chemical industry, food, medicine, printing, aerospace, aviation and other industries.

(Hot rolled aluminum plate)Aluminum smelting→static →cool down→cast →Homogeneous fire→Hot rolled→Cold rolled→Packaging warehousing

(Cast-rolling aluminium plate)Aluminum smelting→ static →cool down →cast rolling→ Cold rolled→ Packaging warehousing

Aluminum processing plant

Fused cast
The purpose of casting is to produce alloys that meet the requirements and have a high purity of melt, creating favorable conditions for casting alloys of various shapes.
Cold rolled
Cold rolling is to improve the precision and surface quality of products, with hot rolling can be made in various states of products, but there are deformation and processing process slow shortcomings
Cold rolling machine
Behind is the finishing machine can correct the hot rolling production process of a variety of defects, finishing equipment has a lot of, mainly crosscutting, slitting, bending correction, cutting machine.


According to the quantity and quality of products to absolute product delivery time, generally for a month


In China, the investment of aluminum plate and foil is increasing, the consumption of aluminum plate and foil is increasing steadily, and the aluminum used in transportation and transportation is becoming a new consumption point.