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Aluminum Circle Alloy : 1xxx 3xxx 5xxx 8xxx series

December 31, 2019

Loading port: tianjin/Qingdao, China
Sample size: A4
Terms of payment: letter of credit, payment, payment, payment
Time: send to us within 15-30 days


Aluminium circle are widely used in electronics, daily chemical, medicine, culture and education, auto applications, electrical, heat preservation, mechanical manufacturering, automotive, aerospace, military industry, mould, construction, printing and other industries. Such as kitchen suppliers, titanium, pressure cooker etc. and hareware items such as chimnev, water heater etc. ,is one of the biggest products intensive processing of aluminium alloy strip dosage.

Temper : O/H

Thickness* Diameter; 0.7-6.0 mm * 100-1200 mm

Aluminum Circle

Punch processing process:

1. Coil unwinding

2. Coil cutting (cut into square)

3. Blanking (punching into the disc you want)

Aluminium Alloy disc Features:

1.Alloy aluminium disc with Heat treatable alloy with excellent strength

2.Wide range of selection on discs' size including customized shape and size.

3. Excellent reflectivity, good for Polishing;

4.Excellent deep drawing and spinning quality.

5.Good anodized quality, suitable for hard anodizing and enameling;

6.Clean surface and smooth edge, hot rolled quality, fine grains and after deep drawing no looper lines;

7.Excellent pearl color anodizing.

8.RoHS and REACH compliance

9.Well-Protected Packing

Aluminum Circle

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