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December 31, 2019

Color coated Aluminum Coil (sheet) is a green building material product with environmental, durable and beautiful features. Architect, designer and the owner can realize the personalized color for exterior wall and ceiling,
At the same time , is also the most ideal material for the architectural modeling. Whether its a multi-functional large building or a new and innovative building, Color coated aluminum can always fit the various requirements of modern and classic architectural styles to make them more beautiful.


Aluminum Sheets|Aluminum Coils|Coated Aluminum|Mill Finish Aluminum


Aluminum surface in coating processing, Currently, PVDF and PE. Widely used in ACP, Aluminum curtain wall panel, Aluminum honeycomb panel, Aluminum ceiling, Aluminum roofing, Aluminum cans, Corrugated sheets, Electronic products, It’s performance is quite stable, Anti-corrosion, Light weight with 30 years coating guarantee, is the most popular new material at present. 




Aluminum, magnesium and manganese plate

Color steel plate


The aluminum film is formed with the atmosphere to prevent further corrosion.

It’s easy to corrode the rust under the erosion of wet air, rain and snow, especially the parts of the seams.


Light (Density 2700 kg/m3)

Heavy ( Density 7850 kg/m3)

Strength and stiffness

The aluminum alloy has magnesium and manganese content, so it has a certain strength and stiffness.

The strength and stiffness are better


It can be divided into non-painting( hammer, embossing, pre-passive alumina surface treatment) and painting class(PE, PVDF, PVC film, SMP and so on )

Painting class ( PE, PVDF, SMP, PVC film etc)

Lightning protection performance

The thickness is generally 0.5mm-1.0 mm, and it can be used directly as lightning protection flash(National Standard Code for building lightning protection design >> GB50057) to avoid perforation in the roof.

0.5mm thickness aluminum zinc galvanized steel plate are generally used, which can not be directly used as lightning protection flicker, and another lightning protection flash device(such as lightning arrester) should be set up

Safety fire

The melting point is low (660 degrees Celsius). When the fire happens, the roof is easy to burn through, which ,makes the fire spread outward rather than inwardly, which helps firefighters extend into the fire hoses from the top to fight fires

The melting point of the steel is high (1515 degree centigrade)

Cost performance








Aluminum Sheets|Aluminum Coils|Coated Aluminum|Mill Finish Aluminum
Our Company use German High-Quality chemical raw materials and technology of chemical treatment on the surface, The honeycomb aluminum oxide film formed on the surface of the compact structure of the volume, The paint and aluminum adhered tightly through this mediation.


Our company adopt the international advanced level of precision three mixture reverse mixing machine, and performs precise coating in enclosed and dust-free condition to make the coating thickness and appearance quality of the coating are well controlled.


The oven is divided into three regions by temperature control and baking to make sure the solvent resistance, hardness and flexibility of the coating all reach the best. Our products have the best glossiness, adhesion and corrosion resistance.


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