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5754 Aluminum Sheet&Plate5754 Aluminum Sheet&Plate5754 Aluminum Sheet&Plate
5754 Aluminum Sheet&Plate5754 Aluminum Sheet&Plate5754 Aluminum Sheet&Plate

5754 Aluminum Sheet&Plate


5754 Aluminum Sheet&Plate is very suitable for the marine industry: building hulls, decks, and other marine components that require corrosion resistance; Used in the automotive industry: manufacturing automotive components, body panels, chassis components, and fuel tanks; Good corrosion resistance and durability are widely covered in building applications, such as roofs and cladding; The characteristics of strong corrosion resistance are very suitable for application in the chemical industry, such as making chemical storage tanks and containers.


5754 Aluminum Sheet&Plate has excellent corrosion resistance and is suitable for maintaining its characteristics in outdoor and marine environments; Having good strength characteristics, the strength and durability are exceptionally prominent in structural applications; The 5754 Aluminum Alloy has good formability and can be easily formed into different shapes and sizes through processes such as bending, rolling, and stamping; It has excellent weldability and can manufacture complex structures and components. The 5754 Aluminum Sheet&Plate has many characteristics and functionalities, and these excellent material characteristics are deeply loved by various industries.


Item Alloy Temper Thickness Width MOQ

5754 Aluminum Sheet&Plate

5754 Grade

H12, H18, H24, H28, H32, H34, etc

0.2mm - 100mm

20mm - 2600mm

3 Tons


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