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8011 Aluminum Sheet&Plate8011 Aluminum Sheet&Plate8011 Aluminum Sheet&Plate
8011 Aluminum Sheet&Plate8011 Aluminum Sheet&Plate8011 Aluminum Sheet&Plate

8011 Aluminum Sheet&Plate


8011 Aluminum Sheet&Plate is widely used in various industries: packaging: commonly used in food and beverage packaging, excellent formability and corrosion resistance are very suitable for these applications; Heat exchanger: 8011 aluminum is an ideal choice for applications such as air conditioning systems, refrigeration units, and automotive radiators; Household foil: commonly used with household kitchen foil, used for packaging food, lining grills, and covering dishes, safe and moisture-proof, and high-quality preservation; Electrical conductor: 8011 Aluminum Sheet&Plate has good conductivity and can be used for electrical applications such as wires, cables, and busbars; Architecture and construction: In terms of architecture, roofs, wall panels, drainage ditches, and other building applications are widely developed; Reflective panels: The high reflectivity of 8011 aluminum is very suitable for manufacturing lighting equipment, solar panels, reflective panels, etc; Industrial applications: Chemical processing equipment, storage tanks, and automotive components are all suitable for 8011 aluminum.


8011 Aluminum Sheet&Plate has high purity, excellent formability, and good formability. It can form various parts or components through various processing processes, with strong corrosion resistance, and is suitable for many harsh and corrosive environments. In addition, it also has heat resistance, which can withstand high temperatures without significant deformation or performance loss; Good conductivity, able to be manufactured into electrical enclosures or conductive components. The most important point is recyclability. 8011 aluminum has a high degree of recyclability and is an essential aluminum material for the development of modern society.


Item Alloy Temper Thickness Width MOQ

8011 Aluminum Sheet&Plate

8011 Grade


0.016mm - 0.2 mm

900mm - 1500mm

3 Tons


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